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Feenyx was born in Charleston, WV to Tina & Ron Beatty, Feenyx was a Jr, youngest of 4 with 3 older sisters. His mother an Apostle and his Father a Teacher both for over 30 years, Feenyx was a born leader. West Virginia isn't known for anything music related and the environment proved it. The urban culture is stagnant and overtime only got worse, such as WV being the most miserable state statistically, overdose capital in the world, and also one of the poorest states, Feenyx had to fly south. Feenyx got his name after searching for a mascot for his label, Tymeless. The only animal we could find to represent us was the phoenix. Overtime he noticed his former name, Beatty Tymeless, wasn't catching enough attention. Feenyx believes God told him to because after changing the name he realized he'd been working across the street from The Phoenix on Peachtree for the past 3 years and never knew. Since changing his name he draws in more attention and people always ask him this question.

Feenyx is one of a kind, not only in 2010 did he attend The Recording Workshop in Ohio, but he also interned at 11th Street Studios, Atlanta's busiest studio, so yes he does Engineer as well. Aside from being on the mic and behind the board, he also shoots all of his own videos, or he calls them " MoFEE's" mostly completely by himself out of his garage he's turned into a production studio. And when did you start taking it seriously? Be as detailed as you'd like.

Feenyx started doing music at 7 years old, his sister Tiana told him he should after showing him Bow Wow and Romeo and then we had a semi famous cousin that lived in Ohio that he met and all these things started his career. Feenyx had a big confidence problem growing up so during the years he always took it seriously since he started but there was a ceiling. When Feenyx got with a group Myndless Musik, he started to see the power they had over the city and after he graduated he started his own label and started filming and went to audio engineering school so he'd say 2010 is when he definitely seen his power and decided to commit.

The Feenyx - 2017 Airborn - 2018 (EP) K.O.T.H - 2018 (EP) Flock With Me - 2019 Rise in Power - 2021

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